Funeral services

Often, when a person dies, the relatives are usually overwhelmed. This makes it very difficult for them to organize anything leave alone plan for the send-off they want for their loved ones. This is where companies that offer funeral services come in to help the bereaved. All the same, there is a need to be educated about the services to expect.

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Why it is important to plan for death

In most developed countries like the United Kingdom, people are advised to make plans for such things as sickness and death. Many people even get to choose the funeral services that they would love to have. This is known as a prepaid package. It is very important as when the time comes, it becomes very easy for the relatives and friends to follow through with the plans of the deceased. Having this kind of plan should not be left only to the sick and aged. Young people are also advised to get one as nobody knows the day nor the hour of deceasing.

The services to expect

When looking for a company to oversee the send-off of a loved one, you should research and compare the kind of services being offered. The amount of money one will pay will depend on the range of services the deceased will get. When doing the prepaid plan package, people can comfortably choose the kind of services they want. For example, the type of hearse you wish to hire. People are also able to decide whether they want a cremation process or the normal burial procedure.

Some of the other services you can expect from a funeral director are how to register the death, putting up a notice in newspapers, filing any forms needed for cremation or burial, providing and organizing a venue for the service, organizing for transport, organizing the main funeral services and some also offer catering services.

Cost implications

Some companies will normally offer a flat fee for the funeral. However, some will charge based on the specific things you want them to do. For the prepaid package you agree on the amount according to the services you will want. The average cost for having a funeral in England according to the royal London national funeral cost index report in 2016 was 4136 pounds for a traditional burial. For cremation the price is slightly lower at 3124 pounds. The amount varies depending on one's specifications and preferences.